Population: 2,668,479

Race Percentage of Population Total number
Human 50% 1,334,239
Elf 20% 533,695
Dwarf 10% 266,847
Halfling 5% 133,423
Gnome 5% 133,423
Half-Orc 5% 133,423
Half-Elf 5% 133,423

Area: 79,600 acres (124 square miles)

Population Density: ~21,000 / square mile

The city is built along a portion of land where the slopes of Collis Hill meet the Vexol Bay. The city’s fresh water supply flows from a facility on the top of Collis Hill, housing 10 decanters of endless water, through an aqueduct system which delivers water throughout the city.

Burros was originally founded in ancient times as a series of relatively small fishing villages. Over time due to the city’s location at a natural pass in the Zar Mountains which divided North and South Asis it was a strategic location during the Asis Unification War. Due to past battles and sieges the city has several different layers of walls as the city has expanded and then new walls were built.

Burros is a central trading location in the Sole Kingdom of Asis. Due to its location its harbor is sheltered from the worst of the ocean's storms and flooding and is in a central location for most of the region.

The city is the most integrated in the world due to all of the various locations from which the traded goods come from. Most of the leadership, however, is exclusively human. There is an increasing amount of racial tension, especially from the Half-orcs and Half-elves who aren't accepted by most.

It has become an industrial center for the Sole_Kingdom_of_Asis and the King is considering moving the capital into Burros.

Burros itself is ruled by three councils and a mayor. The three councils are the Council of Men, the Council of Gold and the Council of Magic. The town guard exists largely independently of the civilian leadership and is ultimately in charge of all enforcement in the country. The captain of the guard is almost a president-like figure and is chosen through a popular vote among the guard.

The law is mostly conducted internally by the guard which employs a series of judges. Most disputes are carried out at individual guard's discretion.

The city is home to temples to nearly all of the major gods and many different minor gods have shrines scattered throughout the city.

Burros largely produces its wealth through the refining of various raw goods which come in both by land from the north and south regions of Asis as well as those that come by sea. It also produces goods from taxes on raw goods which are shipped from the Asis mainland out through the ports.

Burros gets its food in large part from South Asis although increasingly it has been forced to rely on imports from outside of Asis.

Burros is extremely wealthy and the city coffers contain approximately 16 billion gold. The lords and kings make approximately 8 million gold in salaries and the city commands 1.6 billion gold worth of magical items and resources. The city's annual budget is approximately 2 billion gold.

Burros consists of 33 different city districts.

Burros has 50,000 city guards, half of which are support staff or make up part of the legal system while the other half patrol the streets.

Burros has approximately 72,500 clergy and 1,600 priests.

Burros has 18,000 different noble houses.

The population of Burros has the following number of people in various professions.

Bakers 3297 Barbers 6095 Bathers 2165
Beer-Sellers 2847 Blacksmiths 1463 Bleachers 1801
Bookbinders 1347 Booksellers 539 Buckle Makers 872
Butchers 1829 Carpenters 4014 Chandlers 3731
Chicken Butchers 1494 Coopers 3322 Copyists 733
Cutlers 1374 Doctors 2227 Fishmongers 2910
Furriers 4472 Glovemakers 1776 Harness-makers 1673
Hat Makers 1937 Hay Merchants 1490 Illuminators 792
Inns 785 Jewelers 3968 Locksmiths 1821
Magic Shops 1287 Maidservants 7136 Masons 7509
Mercers 4001 Old Clothes 7261 Painters 1508
Pastrycooks 8517 Plasterers 1516 Purse Makers 2787
Roofers 1193 Ropemakers 2151 Rugmakers 1373
Saddlers 4235 Scabbardmakers 3772 Sculptors 1016
Shoemakers 11835 Spice Merchants 2939 Tailors 7509
Tanners 1951 Taverns 7046 Watercarriers 4018
Weavers 3890 Wine-Sellers 2071 Woodcarvers 733
Woodsellers 1308        



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